Colibrí Center for Human Rights: A network of missing migrants families is created

Families of missing or deceased relatives on the U.S.- Mexico border have started to participate in meetings initiated by the Colibrí Center for Human Rights, a nonprofit organization from Arizona, with the support of the alliance CAMMINA and Fundación Avina. That is the most significative initative to build an understanding community among those who have their voices and perspectives silenced in the larger immigration debate in the border. According to Fundación Avina, “it provides the resources the relatives of those missing and deceased need to move through their grief”.

During the past three months, Colibrí has successfully hosted meetings with about 50 participants. It reports how is challenging and deeply energizing to meet face-to-face with people. Colibrí team mentions the case of a woman who has been searching for both a son and a daughter since 1997 when they disappeared while crossing the border together. She is now raising her grandson on her own. “I joined so many different groups,” she shared, “but none of these groups have provided me with the support or feelings of solidarity I feel in this room”.

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